Performance Music School with One World Montessori

Student playing piano

Performance Music School has partnered with One World Montessori of Jacksonville to support students in their music journey. We specialize in teaching private violin and piano lessons to students who are beginning, or want to continue to learn about, improve and perform on their chosen instrument

2020-2021 PRICE GUIDE

$50 Registration Fee for violin or piano lessons

$60 Registration Fee for violin and piano lessons

$25 Registration Fee for continuing students

This fee covers the initial sign up cost for lessons for one student, and ensures the student has necessary materials to progress throughout the year. The registration fee is a yearly fee that will be due upon registration.

    • Books and some other materials are provided by the school, such as notebooks and other organizers. If any books or materials are lost, a fee for the lost item will appear on your monthly invoice.

Parents and students are responsible for securing an instrument to practice on during the week. Rental instruments will not be provided through the music school. A list of rental options can be provided to assist you in finding an instrument.

Monthly Fee Options:

  • 20 minute weekly private lessons*
    • At School Studio: $80 per month ($20 per lesson)
  • 30 minute weekly private lessons
    • At School Studio: $100 per month ($25 per lesson)
  • 45 minute weekly private lessons
    • At School Studio: $150 per month (37.50 per lesson)
      • (Option not available during school hours)
  • 60 minute weekly private lessons
    • At School Studio: $200 per month ($50 per lesson)
      • (Option not available during school hours)

* Students are guaranteed 4 lessons per month. If there are any other lessons given during the month beyond 4, those will be free of extra charge.

2020-2021 Calendar

Fall 2020 Calendar:

Monday, August 24 – Early Fall Semester Begins
Monday, September 7 – Labor Day
Tuesday, September 8 – Fall Semester Begins
Monday, Oct 12 — Columbus Day
Wednesday, Nov 11 – Veteran’s Day (no lessons)
Tuesday, Nov 24 – Friday, Nov 27 – Thanksgiving (no lessons)
Fall Semester Recital – Date TBD (Fall Recital will take place in small groups or virtually)
Thursday, December 17 – Fall Semester Ends

Spring 2021 Calendar:

Monday, January 4 – Spring Semester Begins
Monday, Jan 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, Feb 15 – President’s Day
Monday, Mar 29 – Monday, April 5 – Spring Break (no Lessons)
Monday, May 31 – Memorial Day (no lessons) – Opportunity for make-up lesson provided
Spring Semester Recital – Date TBD
Friday, June 5- Spring Semester Ends

Summer 2021 Calendar (Dates and Prices may vary):

Monday, June 7- Summer Semester Starts
Sunday, July 4 – Independence Day
Friday, July 30 – Summer Semester Ends

  • Summer semester lessons are more flexible, and I can work with your schedule so your child
    receives 8 lessons during the summer months

Performance Music School Policies

Payment Policy:

Invoices will be sent out at the end of each month for the upcoming month’s payment. Payments will
be due by the 5th of that month to avoid a late fee. Any payments not received by the 5th of the
month will be considered late, and an additional $25.00 fee will be applied to your monthly statement.
If the payment is not received by the 10th of the month, lessons will be suspended until payment is
received. If lessons are suspended more than twice, the student will discontinue lessons with the

Payment options: You are able to pay with credit or debit card directly through the monthly invoice.
You may also pay with check, cash, or through platforms such as BillPay or Venmo.

Absence Policy:

If you need to cancel a lesson, please notify me via e-mail or text message no less than 24 hours prior
to the scheduled lesson. There is no credit given for missed lessons, however, with proper notice we
will work together to find a day to make up the missed lesson. If proper notice is not given, lessons
may not be made up and they will not be credited.

If I am unable to teach a scheduled lesson, I will give adequate notice of the upcoming absence, and
the lesson will always be made up. No matter the situation, we will work together to find a time to
reschedule the lesson, or the lesson will be credited to the following months invoice.

Student and Parent Responsibilities:

Students taking music lessons through Performance Music School are asked to practice 5-7 times per
week; a practice record will be kept in each student’s notebook. I request that parents look at the
notebook at least once each week, so they are aware of the songs and skills their child is focusing on.
At the end of each practice week, both the student and the parent are asked to sign the practice
record for the week prior to coming to the lesson. This is to ensure that the student has adequately
prepared for the weekly lesson, as we have limited time together.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me via e-mail, text, or phone call.

Karalyn Kern
Violin and Piano Music Teacher
(208)206- 9175