Lower Elementary

We believe a lower elementary environment should create a spark for children to think and grow. Recognizing that each child is different, a lower elementary classroom educates the whole child, helping each student succeed at their own pace and level. We are able to deliver individualized education due to smaller classrooms.

Lower Teacher in ActionOur classroom is comprised of 6-9 year olds who are seeking more intellectual independence as they journey into the second plane of development. Maria Montessori believed that the mixed age classroom provides opportunities for children to learn from and mentor each other. When students are allowed to play such an active role in their own learning, they rely less on a teacher. The children are then free to discover knowledge on their own rather than having it fed to them through lecture.

In all of our elementary programs, the morning is set aside for a three-hour work period. It is during this time that the teacher delivers lessons and students guide their learning through exploration, research, and collaboration. During this work cycle, children will experience geography, arithmetic, geometry, language, history, zoology, botany, and physical science. The experiences the child has in the lower elementary classroom will prepare him or her for the journey into upper elementary.

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