Our Primary program is a mixed age classroom where children aged 3-6 learn from and with one another.  When visiting our classroom, you will see the older children acting as mentors and leaders for the younger children.  The younger children enjoy learning from their peers, and the older children have opportunities to teach their younger friends.

Because students learn best when they are comfortable, the primary classroom has a “home-like” feel to it.  The Student with Moveable Alphabetmaterials are organized beautifully on the shelves and invite children to reach for them.  These materials are an essential part of the children’s learning as they give the children concrete representations of abstract concepts.  With direction from the teacher and the beauty of the materials, students learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide.  They also receive a solid foundation in geometry, geography, botany, and science.

Materials like the sandpaper letters help students with letter formation and the moveable alphabet leads the children to the wonder of reading and writing.

Equally important in the Montessori curriculum are practical life lessons.  Practical life activities foster a child’s independence as well as help develop both gross and fine motor skills.  The experiences the child has in the primary classroom will prepare him or her for the journey into lower elementary.

Prospective Student Form