The Montessori approach welcomes parental involvement in opportunities offered within a supportive learning environment. However, Montessori is not a discipline, rather an attitude towards life, growth and development, which helps parents find the right way to foster their kids’ developmental progress. By building connections between home and school, the Montessori environment aims to reinforce the learning experience and make transition from preschool to home seamless and coherent.  Parents are a vital part of our school and help to create our amazing One World Community.

We welcome volunteers!  Our teachers and the school often ask for help doing such things as driving on field trips, bringing in and cooking dishes in the kitchen, reading to students or listening to students read, and a variety of other things!  Volunteering and being involved is the best way to create our One World Community!

Volunteer Button

Also, as a school we want to make sure that if any of our community is in need that we are there to help!  To help us keep up with community news, we have added a new button to our website.  It is call the Hospitality Referral Link and can be found at the bottom of the webpage.   Anyone can click on this link to let us know when one of our families is in need or just needs some helping hands.   Here is the link as well:

Hospitality Referral Link