Special School Events

We strive to provide events that will enhance our student’s school experience as well as provide lots of fun!  Below are a few of our annual events that have become a part of the OWM experience!

Trunk or Treat

We provide a trunk or treat event every Halloween and it is always enjoyed by one and all!


Fall Carnival

We had our first Fall Carnival in October 2023 and it was a huge success!  We took the whole day with students playing games, races, dunk tank, face painting, bouncy houses, and much more.  Students and volunteers ran all the games and it is definitely going to become an annual event!



Student Craft Fairs

We try to have student craft fairs twice a year (one each semester).  Students get the opportunity to sell crafts they have made and the best part is they keep all the proceeds!  It is always amazing to see what they bring, but it is even more wonderful to see the smiles on their faces when others appreciate and buy what they are selling!


Christmas Store

Each Christmas we ask our community to donate new or slightly used items for our Christmas store.  Then students get the opportunity to go Christmas shopping for their families and even get those presents wrapped!  Every item in the store is priced at $1.00.  Every student in the school gets to visit the store daily until all the items are gone!  In 2023, we sold over 500 gifts!!  The pride that each student gets from purchasing their family a Christmas present is priceless.


Pokemon Club

Pokemon club is an idea created by our students, organized by our students, and run by family members.  Every Wednesday, students get the chance to trade and play with Pokemon cards with the help of parent supervision.