We will keep you up to date with what is going on with the New Location!

August 22nd:  Wow…a lot has happened! Bathrooms are in, building has started to be painted, garden has gone in, Fire alarm, inside windows and doors have doorknobs, kitchen with backsplash and countertop, new fence, all the windows are finally in, and flooring has started to go in!!





























July 24th:  Kitchen cabinets painted, classroom cabinets, finished sheetrock on windows and doors, finished outside siding, fire alarm going up, library cabinet, playground equipment, and drop down ceiling for lights!

June 30th:  Canopy, Raised Beds, New Doors, Paint!













June 12th:  Sheet rock is almost complete and windows are going in!




















May 22nd:  Sheet rock is being finished and put up, insulation going in, and all the AC units are in!










May 14th:  New Sign, framing for new windows, AC Units have arrived, more landscaping, and pillars poured for new canopy!





























May 7th:  Sheetrock patchwork, new sidewalk, outside building demo, garbage enclosure built, outdoor water spigot, AC work, and outdoor lighting!

























April 27th: Sideway demo for new canopy, office wall goes in, new water line hooked up, roof repaired, outside walls getting ready for new windows and doors!
















April 20th: Window openings in walls, sheetrock arriving, and some of the woods being mulched!













April 13th: Walls are going up!












April 6th:  Concrete is poured!!

















April 1st:  Ready to pour concrete as electrical continues to go in!









March 25th:  Plumbing Close to being finished & HVAC has started plus some Electrical!!














March 9th:  Digging!!






















March 4th:  Construction for Bathrooms!









Feb 23rd:  Demo has started!



Feb 5th: