We will keep you up to date with what is going on with the New Location!

May 22nd:  Sheetrock is being finished and put up, insulation going in, and all the AC units are in!










May 14th:  New Sign, framing for new windows, AC Units have arrived, more landscaping, and pillars poured for new canopy!





























May 7th:  Sheetrock patchwork, new sidewalk, outside building demo, garbage enclosure built, outdoor water spigot, AC work, and outdoor lighting!

























April 27th: Sideway demo for new canopy, office wall goes in, new water line hooked up, roof repaired, outside walls getting ready for new windows and doors!
















April 20th: Window openings in walls, sheetrock arriving, and some of the woods being mulched!













April 13th: Walls are going up!












April 6th:  Concrete is poured!!

















April 1st:  Ready to pour concrete as electrical continues to go in!









March 25th:  Plumbing Close to being finished & HVAC has started plus some Electrical!!














March 9th:  Digging!!






















March 4th:  Construction for Bathrooms!









Feb 23rd:  Demo has started!



Feb 5th: